Written Proof:

I am troubled when I hear the words spiritual and religion used conversationally in close proximity, even when the intention has
been to compliment me as a spiritually evolved person. It has been my opinion that the study of any religion is arbitrary human
wrangling concerning competing legalistic interpretations of the contract(s) between God, or among gods, and men. Furthermore, I think that voluminous data initially brought to light by Zecharia Sitchin, but expounded upon by many other,
gives ample latitude to rectify why God's behavior would seem sadistic, if not a form of multiple personality with schizophrenia,
if the apparent contradictions of evolution and creationism could not have been reconciled..

I find that scientific explorations, in physics, chemistry, and mathematics are the truly spiritually transcendent disciplines because
they operate on everything omnipresently, and omnipotently, with universal dispassion.

I also find it discomforting when I hear pundits distort Buddhism into a form of religion.

Lotus Sutra Buddhism, as are the truths of Western fact, is based upon the so-called Three Proof: A written proof, to avoid after the fact fudging of results vs theory - in this case the Lotus Sutra, but more specifically the assertion in the Lotus Sutra that all perceived phenomena are actually the consequence of a irreducible entity in the form of a vibratory energy (!), a theoretical proof - the hypothesis should not fly in the face of logic and, better yet, should have external theory to bolster its assertions - in this case High Energy Physics (HEP) and specifically superstring theory, and finally, an actual proof, if the glove don't fit you must acquit, or is it, if the shoe fits you must wear it. Whatever, if the theory is not reproducible in practice it's crap. I have been asked what is, and why, my core philosophical beliefs on a number of occasions. Therefore, I am producing this document as the written proof of how I came to believe what I do.

Theoretical Proof:

In my Physics course with a philosophical momentum at Hunter/Lehman College in the Bronx, we would have exam questions
such as, "How might the second law of thermodynamics impinge upon the issues of racial segregation?". So it is from such a
background that I have come to dwell heavily upon the physics of the life condition and whether an entity bound by the laws of
physics could modify it volitionally. I considered the truth embedded in the sacred phrase, "On Earth, as it is in Heaven". As I
looked atthe Mandelbrot Set , I perceived it as a graphic fractal representation of life, it was apparent to me that within both,
the magnitude is different, while the relative structure is the same. Pondering upon that, together with the experimentally proven
fact that photons, simultaneously, act as both particles and waves, I raise the hypothesis that within hyperdimensional fractal
space-time, the entity of life exists as both a particle, analogous to the Soliton in Space-Time= Essence of the Life Force , as
well as, a Dispersive Wave = Perceived Life Condition . For example, a "dispersive" waves, is a single localized wave pulse,
whether it is caused by a stone thrown into a pond or by a tsunami, which rapidly disperses into its component waves of
different wavelengths, each traveling at its own speed. The simple theory of linear waves predicts a maximum speed for waves
in water of depth h of vmax = (gh)1/2, where g = 9.8 m/s2 is the acceleration of gravity, and h is the depth of the water in
meters. This "speed limit" is only achieved in the long-wavelength limit; the shorter the wavelength, the slower the wave travels.
The Fourier representation of a pulse as a superposition of a spectrum of wavelengths thus explains why a localized pulse is a
transient phenomenon; as the wave propagates, the long waves outrun the short waves, and the wave "comes apart" into its
component waves, losing its initial shape and eventually dispersing. Isn't this just like the moment to moment appearance of the
waveform of our day to day human form? As infants the energy within our being seems to exceed the physical phenomenon of
our being, as we age to about our thirty-somethings, our energy and form are about coincident, as we advance to senility and
beyond, our physical energy level lags behind our mental desires. As the heterogeneous wave continues to degrade the corpse
evolves into dust, etc. My belief in my wild hypothesis was bolstered when I learned about the Green-Schwarz-Gross
Heterotic String Theory
. Not only did it support my hypothesis, but it supported the raison d'être of Lotus Sutra Buddhism's
contention that the "here and now" can modify the" there and then" condition via chanting a mantra! Voila! The life condition is
an entity which can be modified by the laws of physics! Plus, as an additional benefit, moral philosophy can spring, not from
arbitrary opinion as to what "God" decreed, but as a logical consequence of cause and effect.

In both the study of Physics and Buddhism, which is really Physics applied to Philosophy, it is believed that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only that its form and appearance changes eternally. Hence, the distorted opinion that Buddhist believe in "REINCARNATION". Actually, as a student and practitioner of Lotus Sutra Buddhism, I believe in only one timeless incarnation of a life essence that is in constant change. It is a concept known as ichinen sanzen, or one life, three thousand manifestations.
In Lotus Sutra Buddhism, a person has only one life, but that life manifests in various forms from moment to moment. It is like
ice, liquid and steam. It's all water but has a different form from moment to moment. Sometimes when ice dies it becomes liquid
or steam. Sometimes steam re-incarnates as ice. So it is a major possibility that, if today you are a European woman, you may have manifested in Asia as a man, in some past period.

More subtlely profound is the contemplation of the Lorenz Curve. The dark "owl eyes" are known as "strange attractors". It is beyond the scope of this brief discussion to go into detail of the equation behind the graph plotted, but you should research this on your own as it is jaw-dropping in the simplicity out of which the distribution frequency of all existence can be plotted.

The Lorenz Curve suggests that everything is a matter of a condensation about particular energy wavelengths or frequencies. The popular "Secret" "Law of Attraction", works because time, attention and focus increases the probability of energetic states representing the life condition at the moment coalascng about one concentration of event probabilities, or another, at the strange attractor. I perceive the Lorenz Curve to be a graphic representation of karma, or the Law of Attraction.

All Buddhist are not the same. True Buddhism is not really a religion, but a form of physics, mathematics or chemistry, a little
history, and parables, with philosophical conclusions thrown in. If you want more information, I suggest that you go to
http://www.ebonicy.org , if you have more question, feel free to ask me.

Buddhist theory of the Mahayana branch pursues the hypothesis that sound waves can be used to modify the environment. Any
Buddhist scripture pre-dates the articulation the fundamental concept of Newtonian Physic, the simultaneity of cause and effect, action and reaction, by more than 5000 years. The major difference in Mahayana Buddhist sects is what sound vibration
to make as a cause to obtain the desired effect.

Contrasting the Mahayana, the Hinayana Buddhist, also start with cause and effect, but hypothesize that something must be done, rather than said. Thus the difference in terms, mundra (doing something), versus mantra (saying something).

One of my favorite anecdotes involves Philo Farnsworth of Beaver Creek, Utah. That village even today is little more than a wide spot on a secondary road. When Philo was in high school, he drew on a blackboard, for his girlfriend, a strange diagram filled with symbols and equations. He told her, at 14 years old, that while plowing his uncle's fields in Rigby, Idaho, an idea struck him. The idea, which came to him all at once, meant was that he had invented a means to send pictures by radio! Moreover, the importance to them was that when he built his fortune with his radio that could send pictures, he would marry her. Well the invention became TV produced by the Philco Corporation. How General Sarnoff and RCA stole the dream is another story within a discussion of karma. The point here is a written proof, a theoretical proof, the quasi-absence of an actual proof, combined with the singleminded determination of a young man against massive odds.

Now, flash forward to the 1980's. In the exploration of increasingly smaller quantum elements of existence, the theory of the superstring emerged. String theory postulates that everything composed of atomic particles and sub-atomic particles, in other words everything, is composed of indivisible strings, which act as both a particle and a wave. Photons at a "macro" level mimic this behavior, a la the Mandelbrot Set. Anyway, various aggregations of vibrating strings, analogous to a plucked stringed instrument, produce various chords which, in various aggregations, produce various sub-atomic particles, particles, atoms, molecules, the macro-universe as we know it (or rather know little of it.)
I think we can stipulate that all speech is the product of vibratory energy, but before speech can occur, the thought must first be generated which itself is the product of molecular vibration of electrical stimulation of nerves, cellular material, molecules, atoms, etc. down to the string level. A physical possibility now arises that just as a tuning fork at a distance can produce sympathetic harmonies in nearby stringed instruments, so too, can the constant production of a certain amalgam of superstring chords as the effect/cause of holding a certain thought as the effect/cause of producing a certain vocalization produce
sympathetic harmony in the macro-universe which we then perceive as a desired environmental event! This concept transcends Buddhism - in Western thought it is often proffered as the power of the positive mind, etc. The phenomenon is manifested certainly semi-unitentionally daily.
For example, consider Mike Myers. When he was seven years old, he made a strong resolution that he would work on Saturday Night Live, as he watched it in Canada. He, at that age, was infatuated with Gilda Radner. He wanted to marry her. In his simple boyhood fantasy, he figured that if he worked the show, she would marry him. Twenty years later, he was a
star of the show. Adolf Hitler and Nelson Mandela share the commonality that in the depths of prison they made strong resolves to rule the countries in which they would otherwise seem to have been hopelessly incarcerated. Other examples abound. That strong resolve coincidentally manifest is undeniable. The central question which Buddhism attempts to answer as a analog to Western Physics, is can the manifestation be made intentionally. Lotus Sutra Buddhism emphatically says, yes! The vehicle
used is the onomatopoeia Nam Myoho Renge Kyo - which translates to A hard to comprehend profound law of cause and effect modified by sound vibrations.
Returning to Philo: even though he could explain to his girlfriend the smallest detail of how a TV should work, neither of them was able to experience that which you exceed them in your experience, everytime you hit the power button and turn on your TV. I venture to say with total ignorance as to how the TV picture shows up in front of you. So, too, with Buddhism. Unless one actually chants the proper mantra, the phenomenon of experiencing the result will remain illusory. Tina Turner testifies that she went from having the clothes on her back and a gas station credit card to her present wealth because she chants Nam Myoho Renge Kyo daily. To that, Herbie Hancock, says "Amen!". Other examples abound.

Actual proof:

I can frequently be quite content with singleness. It may even be pathological. Much literature has been written, including by me,
on the functional behavior of Black students who isolate themselves into virtual self-sufficiency to achieve high academic/career
positions in the face of opposition by their racial community, in addition to, hostile dominant culture forces, only to have that
behavior evolve into a dysfunctional one when a time comes when collaboration and networking skills are more appropriate
and effective to achieve goals. Therefore, I feel that in a marriage based on a commonality of goals, springing from a
commonality of world view, it is possible to achieve a synergy incapable of being achieved, even by couples living together,
without the commitment of marriage. There are the additional benefits which statistically accrue such as increased longevity. But
most of all are the aspects of the intangibles. In any event, when you're married one's lifespan is, or seems, longer.

So while I'm not in a rush to get married, I'm strongly marriage inclined. So why haven't I found success in this age of the
Internet? For sure beats me, except for karma. There is no plausible, to me, explanation of how I can consecutively encounter a
string of lesbian, militant vegi-nazi, and/or clinically insane narcissists as I have without the explanation of karma. The analysis is
not just my own. The lesbians, at least, admit to their inclination, but say that they enjoy being in my company, sans sex,
because I show them respect. The confirmation of the other types comes from married friends, male and female. Now the
Lotus Sutra offers philosophical reasons why this situations obtains in this manifestation of my life and chaos mathematical
theory gives graphic illustrations and interesting music via the Mandelbrot Set. Yet, neither, offer a clue as to duration, though
both emphatically educate on the temporality of the situation. Unfortunately, temporary may mean five seconds or five thousand
or more lifetimes!
It has been my recent karma to have a considerable amount of time to give a great deal of thought to several areas. Trying to find order, in what otherwise appeared to be random experiential points, not only in my life, but in observing the lives of living and historical persons, is one area. It was of major comfort to be reminded of the Lotus Sutra in this manifestation, as well as, to learn about Chaos Theory in Mathematics.
In the popular media, especially in this "New Age", much palaver is devoted to self-realization, in order to to find
enlightenment. Several thousand years ago, the Lotus Sutra stated that to chant, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, but once, is to have
found enlightenment. Flowing from my enlightened condition, I could chant when buying a lottery ticket, as almost everyone else
does ;-) The problem with everyone chanting for the same goal simultaneously in three dimensional space is that each person will most likely receive $1.25, after the winnings are split and taxes taken out! Of course, higher math and String Theory suggests the reality of a hyperdimensional simultaneous existence. Within the boundaries of each entity's existence, winning the lottery concurrently in space-time is a probability. So somewhere in another dimension, I'm already a big winner. LOL.
Unfortunately, it is also a fact of wave physics that competing waves cancel each other out yielding a flat line.
When I first started chanting, I lived in Salt Lake City. There were major Buddhist functions in San Diego, which is how I
first came to visit that city. To go from one city to the other, for some reason, we always took a chartered bus, not a plane.
Therefore, we had to pass through Las Vegas frequently. Inevitably, the Japanese ladies on the bus, who had used
DAIMOKU (Japanese for highest (dai) mantra (moku) - a synonym for Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) for many decades, would
get off the bus at some casino, chant a few times, and nonchalantly pick-up a jackpot at a slot machine. I was impressed, yet, I
could never replicate their experience in that manner.
However, what I was able to replicate, and this I pass on to you, dear reader, is the, "Double your karma back guarantee",
I was first offered, when sardonically, I doubted its pragmatic use. I was told about the Three Proofs. Then, it was suggested that I make up my own written proof. That is, I should commit to paper a list of things I would like to see manifest in my life, within a finite time period, which were possible, as they were consistent with known laws of science, but highly improbable to otherwise occur, during a window of time in which I would consistently chant daimoku. I was told 90 days should be more than enough time to have results. The guarantee was that if I could not go down my list in 90 days, or less, and check off each "written proof" as having manifested as "actual proof", I could rest assured that the use of Daimoku was a false theory, and/or, that the devotee who told me to chant was an idiot. Since it is fundamental to Aristotelian logic that if a concept cannot be disproved, then neither can it be proven, I agreed to do the experiment. I propose to you the same experiment. Sure, it's a gamble, but, it's far less expensive than pulling the chain of a one-armed bandit; the potential payoff is more than the Powerball Lottery and taxes can't be assessed. Chanting daimoku has a very musical cadence. It is even hypnotic when a multiple number chant together. I am ending this missive with .wav file links, which you can listen to, in order to hear how chanting sounds.



By David J. Gross, Jeffrey A. Harvey, Emil J. Martinec, Ryan
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However, a more basic explanation in technical terms is from SUNY Stony
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