What happened to the name "William Anthony Robinson, M.D."?

There is a buddhist concept of speaking reality into existence. (reference http://www.ebonicy.org/) Part of the
"speaking" is saying one's name. In my family, also, there was tremendous loyalty to variations on the name William Anthony or Wilhelmina Antoinette, throughout five generations, at least. There have been, among others, Grandma Billie, Little Billie, Uncle Bill, Uncle William, and Cousin Tony (me). The name William means a spear-thrower. The name Anthony means Lover of Animals. Robinson is the family name of a major slave-owner in
Florida. The very initials W.A.R. are bellicose.
I did not have a desire to maintain all that negative energy about me. My current name means, and carries with it the better energy of, Victor, success, Om, a mantra, Shanti, a Hindi word meaning, peace beyond description. Thus all together it is "Success via use of a mantra to achieve peace beyond description."
The effective mantra used for these past decades in "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo."